Welcoming Schools is a national program being used in MMSD to create more respectful and supportive schools for all students, staff and families.  Professional development, lesson, books and inclusive language is provided around:

  • Embracing Family Diversity
  • Creating LGBTQ+ and Gender-Inclusive Schools
  • Preventing Bias-Based Bullying
  • Supporting Transgender and Non-Binary Students

For more detailed information, check out the MMSD Welcoming Schools Information document

Testimonials from Welcoming Schools Partner School Administrators

Quotes from educators working with the Welcoming Schools Program:

  • “Creating allies in our school is important for ALL students and so this work is valuable for the entire school.”
  • "The scenarios and examples are super helpful and responsive to what we are actually experiencing in schools.”
  • “Helped me not only in my professional but also personal life. Thank you”

For more information:

Check out the Welcoming Schools Website

Contact MMSD Welcoming Schools Lead, Jennifer Herdina

jherdina@madison.k12.wi.us or 608-218-4557