Sherrice Perry

Bryn Martyna
Coordinator of Progressive Discipline

Doyle Building
545 W. Dayton Street
Madison, Wisconsin 53703

Phone: (608) 663-5974
Cell: (608) 843-3597
Fax: (608) 204-0349

The primary responsibility of the Office of Progressive Discipline is to provide legal representation for the Madison Metropolitan School District in expulsion hearings. The office also provides consultation to school-based administrators in the application of the  Behavior Education Plan (BEP)

What is Expulsion?

Expulsion is a long term removal from school and school-related activities. For special education students, Fair and Appropriate Education (FAPE) will be provided for the duration of the expulsion at an Off-Campus/ Neutral Site Program.

Expellable behaviors include:

  • Possession and actual, attempted or threatened use of a weapon, other than a firearm or other gun, toward another person or to cause a disruption.

  • Possession of a firearm as defined by 18 USC 921 of the federal code (e.g. handgun, rifle, shotgun, starter pistol etc.)

  • Possession of a gun of any kind, other than a firearm, whether loaded or unloaded, operable or inoperable. Examples include, but are not limited to, BB guns, pellet guns, flare guns and air rifles.

  • Possession of a bomb or other explosive device not covered elsewhere in the Behavior Education Plan.

  • Engaging in non-consensual sexual contact and/or sexual conduct with another student.

  • Possessing more than one (1) gram of a drug or drugs, including marijuana.

  • Possessing and distributing a drug or other drugs, including marijuana to another student.

  • Purchasing marijuana.

  • Purchasing drugs other than marijuana.

  • Use of physical force, including the use of an object, directly against or affecting a staff member of the MMSD or any adult who is legitimately exercising authority at the school or during any school activity.

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