Scholarship Recipient

Scholarships are an excellent way to offset the cost of your postsecondary education. There are numerous scholarships available to students of all academic standing. Some scholarships are awarded based on merit (grades, test scores, etc. ), others on skills or abilities (athletics, musical talents, etc.). Scholarships can be found based on your intended major or career interest (Engineering, Culinary Arts, etc.) or even by your ethnic background. There are scholarships available for ALL students.

Below are several places to start when searching for scholarships. We recommend starting with the MMSD Highlighted Scholarships and the scholarship site of your intended postsecondary institution (see WI school links below).

If you are a senior do not forget to complete your Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) after October 1. This may qualify you for FREE money and/or work study. Most colleges and universities will require you to complete the FAFSA.

Note: Scholarships are sorted by the month or time of year when the APPLICATIONS ARE DUE. 

Scholarship Name Deadline SSN Required?
Automotive Scholarships Mar 31 2019 no
Foster Care to Success Sponsored Scholarships Mar 31 2019 no
Young American Creative Patriotic Art Contest Mar 31 2019 no
SFM Foundation scholarship Mar 31 2019 no
Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund Apr 1 2019 no
The Sarah Ducharme Scholarship Apr 1 2019 yes
WRA Education Foundation Scholarship Apr 1 2019 no
Barron County Campus Foundation Scholarships Apr 2 2019 no
NFPA Youth Scholarship Apr 2 2019 no
Hispanic Scholarship Fund Apr 2 2019 no
Money Smart College Scholarships Apr 6 2019 no
Money Smart 2019 Scholarship Essay Contest Apr 6 2019 no
Patriot's Scholarship Apr 7 2019 no
George and Inez Scholarship Apr 15 2019 no
Wisconsin Garden Club Federation Apr 15 2019 no
Italian Workman's Club Apr 15 2019 no
Italian Workmen's Club Scholarship Apr 15 2019 no
The Madison Metropolitan Chapter of the Links, Inc. Scholarship Apr 19 2019 no
Shawn Carter Scholarship Fund Apr 30 2019 no
PostLocations.Com Scholarship Apr 30 2019 no
County Office Scholarship Apr 30 2019 yes
Chewning Legal LLC Apr 30 2019 yes
Ab Nicholas Scholarship Foundation Apr 30 2019 no
NAEHCY (National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth) Scholarship Apr 30 2019 no
John Lyle Memorial Scholarship May 1 2019 no
Foremost Media, Inc Annual Scholarship May 1 2019 yes
Dr. James Allen Memorial Peace Scholarship May 3 2019 no
Dr. James Allen Memorial $1,000 Scholarship May 4 2019 no
HCCW/Phillip Arreloa Scholarship May 12 2019 yes
Polish Heritage Club of Wisconsin-Madison Scholarship May 15 2019 no
Stephen Bufton Memorial Education Fund May 15 2019 no
Polish Heritage Club May 15 2019 yes
Congressional Black Caucus Foundation May 18 2019 yes
B. Davis Scholarship May 22 2019 no
Wisconsin Towns Association Scholarship May 29 2019 no
African Association of Madison Scholarship May 30 2019 no
Latinos United for College Scholarships May 31 2019 no
Hammett, Bellin & Oswald Law & Justice Scholarship May 31 2019 no
Nursing Scholarships Jun 1 2019 no
Nursing Scholarship for Men Jun 1 2019 no
Aspiring Animation Professional Scholarship Jun 1 2019 no
Aspiring Fashion Professional Scholarship Jun 1 2019 no
Kajsiab House Hmong Scholarship Fund Jun 8 2019 no
Abbott and Fenner Scholarship Jun 14 2019 no
Career & Technical Scholarships Jun 15 2019 no
Edward Simeth Award Jun 15 2019 yes
Student Caregiver Scholarship Jun 30 2019 yes
Pinnacle Peak Recovery Scholarship Jun 30 2019 no
The Recovery Village Health Care Scholarships Jun 30 2019 yes
Revive Solutions Scholarship Jun 30 2019 yes