1. BEHAVIOR:  Student engages in a Response Level 5 (expellable) behavior. School-based Administrator consults with Coordinator of Progressive Discipline and begins an investigation.

  2. CONSULTATION: After the investigation, the School-based Administrator consults with the Coordinator of Progressive Discipline again. School-based Administrator notifies parent/guardian and issues a five-day (5) out-of-school suspension and a recommendation for expulsion.

  3. EXPULSION REVIEW TEAM MEETING: Expulsion Review Team reviews the Expulsion recommendation and determines if the behavior meets criteria to proceed.

    1. If the recommendation is denied, the process ends and the student may return to school after serving their suspension days. Coordinator of Progressive Discipline will contact the school, student and their family.

    2. If the recommendation is approved, the Coordinator of Progressive Discipline will contact the student and their family to explain the expulsion process and their rights.

  4. SUSPENSION EXTENSION: If the recommendation is approved, the out of school suspension may be extended.  For special education students, Fair and Appropriate Education (FAPE) will be provided if applicable.

  5. KNOWLEDGE AND SUSPICION MEETING: For regular education students, prior to the expulsion hearing, a Knowledge and Suspicion meeting is held to determine if there was  prior knowledge or suspicion that the student is a student with a disability. If knowledge or suspicion is found, then an expedited special education evaluation is initiated with a 45-day deadline.

  6. MANIFESTATION MEETING: If the student is a student with a disability then a Manifestation Determination (MD) meeting must be held to determine if the level 5 behavior was a manifestation of the student’s disability. If the behavior is found to be related to the disability, then the expulsion recommendation is dismissed. A safety plan may be developed and implemented upon the student's return to school. 

  7. VIOLENCE RISK ASSESSMENT: a Violence Risk Assessment (VRA) may be administered. A VRA is  required for participation in the Restore expulsion abeyance program.

  8. RESTORE: RESTORE is a voluntary program that temporarily halts the expulsion process. Upon successful completion of RESTORE, the recommendation for expulsion is withdrawn and students shall be permitted to return to their home school and/or an alternative program that best fits their needs.


  10. DECISION OF EXPULSION RECOMMENDATION: Within five (5) days of the expulsion hearing, the hearing officer will issue a recommendation with his/her finding. The Board of Education (BOE) then has thirty (30) days to review the hearing officer’s findings. The BOE may approve, modify or deny the hearing officer's recommendation. The BOE will ultimately decide the results of the expulsion recommendation.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact the Office of Progressive Discipline at 608-663-1908.