Due to many recent generous donations, many of these items are currently not needed.  Please refer to our items needed list on the main donation page.

Our program offers support to homeless students and their families.

Please call 608-204-2272 if you have any questions.

Donations can be dropped off at:

Doyle Administrative Building, Rm 124F
545 West Dayton Street
Madison, WI 53703

Homework Box List

  • Box of crayons
  • Box of markers
  • Glue bottle
  • Glue sticks (2 or 3 is nice)
  • Package of pencils (sharpened is nice but not necessary)
  • Pencil sharpener (hand-held with cover for pencil shaving)
  • Highlighters (1 or 2)
  • Box of colored pencils
  • Calculator
  • Spiral notebook
  • Some lined notebook paper
  • Pocket folder
  • Erasers (pink pearl size is nice)
  • Ink pen pack
  • Dictionary (small paperback / pocket is fine)
  • Thesaurus (small paperback / pocket is fine)
  • Pair of scissors
  • Ruler
  • 3 x 5 card packs
  • Transparent tape
  • Stapler with staples (mini is fine)
  • Rubber bands
  • Paper clips
  • Pencil case
  • Dice (with dots, numbers, colors, fractions or any other math connections)
  • Deck of regular playing cards (students learn a variety of math games using a deck of cards)
  • Flash cards (math focus addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) at least one box of cards, more if possible
  • Extras like stickers, fun paper, books to read, workbooks are fun to have but not as needed as other items

School will include in the kit:

  • 100’s chart
  • Number Line
  • Ten Frames chart
  • Multiplication Table
  • Number cards
  • ABC chart classrooms with pictures / no pictures
  • Handwriting chart – cursive / manuscript
  • Activities to use with supplies math / reading

 Extras in packet (older students):

  • Math reference book
  • Quick Word book primary / intermediate