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Behavior Education Plan Evaluation

Our district is on a mission to close the gaps in opportunity that lead to disparities in achievement. Everything we do is about making sure every school is thriving and that every child graduates ready for college, career and community.

Supporting safe, supportive learning environments is part of that work and we cannot separate it from the everyday work of teaching and learning in our schools.

We know that the "zero tolerance" approach that relies on punishment does not work—in fact, it hurts students. Our approach is rooted in teaching and learning. We set clear, high expectations for students and we match that with high levels of support so that students can meet that high bar.

If our school environments are to thrive, and if all students are to achieve at high levels, we need to have an approach that reduces exclusionary practices and establishes a more progressive approach to discipline - one that helps students learn positive behaviors, repair harm when negative behavior occurs, and keep our students in classrooms where they can learn.

After a year of important learning and adjustments, we are excited to work together to lift our students up so they can succeed academically and behaviorally.

Students as Scholars

As a district, we believe in excellence with equity. Our students are scholars who we must hold to high expectations academically and behaviorally. We believe that with the right support, our students can meet those high expectations both for how they act in school and how they meet their goals academically.