Purpose: This scholarship is to assist in furthering the education of a student who wishes to obtain a post high school education to earn a technical or undergraduate degree in a medical field. These fields include but are not limited to areas in Nursing, Pharmacology, Radiology, Dental Assisting, Laboratory Technician or Dietitian, and Veterinary Science.

Eligibility: Applicant must be a descendant of someone with the VFW or VFW Auxiliary Eligibility. The student must have a High School diploma or an equivalent and accepted as a full-time student at an Accredited College, Technical School, or special Instructional Institution. High school seniors may apply. A Recipient my apply for an additional year of funds after successfully completing the current year if they continue in the Medical Field. A maximum of four (4) awards may be granted to a Recipient. 

Scholarship Awards will be sent directly to the Recipient's school in two installments. The first will be sent at the beginning of the term and the second after necessary information has been provided to the Chairman showing continued enrollment for the Second Semester of the school term.

Application can be found here. 

Scholarship Deadline: 
Wednesday, April 1, 2020
Social Security Number Required?: 
Scholarship Type: 
Two Year
Four Year