Contact Information

Jonathan Woloshin, Program Administrator, 206-9849

Victoria Norton, Teacher 843-7058

Wendy Callaway, Teacher, 843-7058

Travis Gruchow, Teacher, 843-7058

Alison Stauffacher, Social Worker, 235-4943

210 Olin Ave. Madison, WI 53703

Program Description

Purpose: RESTORE is designed to provide students, who have been recommended for expulsion, a comprehensive opportunity to address the behavior that resulted in the recommendation for expulsion, repair harm caused by said behavior and receive support for social / emotional skill development while continuing academic learning and credit attainment.

Mission: RESTORE aims to ensure that every student is equipped with the social / emotional skills and interpersonal tools of empathy and accountability to repair, build and cultivate relationships within their learning community through use of restorative practices. Moreover, RESTORE is designed to assist our students’ in developing a greater attachment to their school community and to engage in behavior that prepares them to become college, career, and community-ready.

RESTORE is a voluntary program that, upon successful completion, serves as an alternative to the expulsion process. RESTORE offers full-day academic and social / emotional programming within a restorative framework. The program includes opportunities for credit attainment and work experience for high school students. All students will engage in social / emotional instruction and restorative practices to address the underlying issues that contribute to their behavior.