Contact Information

Jonathan Woloshin, Program Administrator, 206-9849

Heather Crowley, NIP On-Site Administrator, 288-2402

Daria Cross, Teacher, 288-2422

Neighborhood Intervention Program
1227 N. Sherman Ave, Madison, WI 53704

Entry Criteria

MMSD, Dane County & parent or guardian must approve the student enrolling in this semester-long program.  

  • Referral by home school principal &/or Dane County social worker -Referral Form
  • Males in grades 7 - 10
  • Under current court supervision by Dane County Human Services and Juvenile Court System
  • Student demonstrates significant behavioral challenges in school
  • Duration of placement - One semester

Program Description

REPLAY is a collaborative program between Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) and Dane County Human Services - Neighborhood Intervention Program(NIP).  REPLAY serves 7th, 8th and 9th grade male students’ who display significant behavior problems in a traditional middle and high school environment and who are currently under court supervision.  The primary goals of the program are community protection, competency development and accountability to develop self-control and engagement in the learning process, with the projected outcome of a successful return to an MMSD educational placement.  

Exit Criteria:

  • Program duration  - 1 Semester

  • Transition process will begin 1 month prior to program exit.

  • EEN Student - IEP Team convened for re engagement and transition planning and credits earned (if applicable)

  • Non EEN student - REPLAY staff will contact home school to discuss re-engagement strategies and credits earned (if applicable)