Contact Information

Jonathan Woloshin, Program Administrator, 206-9849

Kathy Oldenburg, Teacher

Matt McClenaghan, Teacher

206 Olin Avenue, Madison, WI

Entry Criteria

  • Grades 6-8 (no 2nd Sem - 8th)
  • Primarily EBD Eligible
  • FBA/BIP in place and & implemented with fidelity for 90 days
  • Full day at program or partial day split between program and NEON Site
  • Placement based on current openings

Program Description

NEON provides up to a full day educational experience in an off campus location.  Neon serves middle-school-aged students with emotional behavioral disabilities that require a high degree of individualized instruction and support for their emotional and behavioral needs.  Students develop self-confidence and academic skills through diverse educational experiences tailored to their individual learning style where individuality and community are instilled for lifelong success.  

All students Accessing the NEON Program will start out in half day small group instruction to focus regulation and group readiness skills.  The other part of their school day will be with a Special Education teacher in a 1:1 setting in the community. Time can be added to either the group instruction or the 1:1 time based on data collected and the student’s IEP team recommendations.

NEON strives to educate the whole child so that they may meet their fullest potential and become independent thinkers and lifelong learners.  This is accomplished by providing related services to all students in conjunction with their home school IEP team. Related services include sensory regulation, health and social emotional supports along with connecting families with resources and community treatment teams.

The student and IEP team (including NEON staff and administrator) may consider a schedule split between NEON and the student's home school at the time of placement or subsequent IEP meetings.

Referrals are made through the Intensive Support Team. Specialized transportation provided as needed