Jonathan Woloshin, Program Administrator, 206-9849

Entry Criteria

  • Grades 1-5

  • Special education students primarily identified with an emotional-behavioral disability

  • Referred by case manager with approval of Principal and Special Education Coordinator to Intensive Support Team (IST Request for Support)

Program Description

LEAP is designed to serve students in 1st through 5th grade who are receiving special education services for an emotional-behavioral disability (EBD). Students in the program have not been successful in their home school despite numerous and varied interventions, including, but not limited to curriculum modifications, environmental modifications, small group instruction, structured behavioral/motivational systems, instruction in a self contained setting, other behavioral interventions based upon identified functions of the student’s behavior, etc.  LEAP provides small group and individualized academic, social and emotional programming.  The program is a blend of four elements:  behavior management, education, social skills and play.  


To assist students to increase the degree of control they have over their behavior, learn and practice skills and behaviors necessary for success in school (and life), and to facilitate the return of the student to their home school when the student has demonstrated readiness.


Marquette Elementary School
1501 Jenifer St. Madison, WI 53703

Teachers: Iman Elbeblawy 204-6866    Steve Chidester 204-6857

Randall Elementary School
1802 Regent St.Madison, WI 53726

Teachers: Beth Wambold 204-3319    Colin Fass 204-3318

Olson Elementary School
801 Redan Drive, 
Verona, WI 53593

Teachers: Jessica Olsen 442-2682