Contact Information

Jonathan Woloshin, Program Administrator, 206-9849

Kevin Evanco, Teacher, 800-2197
Jennifer Tomlinson, Teacher, 279-3802
Alison Stauffacher, Social Worker, 235-4943

Urban League of Greater Madison (ULGM)
2222 S Park St #200, Madison, WI 53713
(608) 729-1200

Entry Criteria

  • Students  aged 18-21

  • Students with IEPs
  • Full day at program or a hybrid of it

  • Upon eligibility criteria being met, placement based on current program openings

Program Description

Foundations Central is a collaboration between MMSD and the Workforce Development Department of the Urban League of Greater Madison. Foundations Central serves students identified with special education needs who have dropped out or stopped attending school for a variety of reasons and are between the ages of 18-21.  Students enrolled complete the 5 week/100 hours Foundations course (unless they are currently employed and/or in another high school completion program with which the MMSD collaborates) and earn credit necessary for graduation through a variety of options tailored to individual student needs. Students' complete their high school education via IEP portfolio or by earning 22 credits needed for completion.  Instructional support is provided by certified MMSD cross categorical teachers.