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Alternative Learning Programs are designed as smaller, personalized learning environments to meet the individualized needs of specific students groups in MMSD. 

We recognize that every student has their own path to success, with their own strength and needs. We are here to assist you along your journey.

Campus Connect

Campus Connect is an innovative approach to post secondary education for adult learners with disabilities.  The Campus Connect program is a partnership between Madison College and Madison Metropolitan School District. The program is housed on the Madison College campus and provides an opportunity for students who require more than the traditional level of supports in order to be successful in a college environment.

Foundations Central

Foundations Central, located at the Urban League of Madison, serves students identified with special education needs that have dropped out or stopped attending school for a variety of reasons and are between the ages of 18-21.

Hospital School

The Hospital School program serves the educational needs of school-aged students who are receiving treatment at American Family Children’s Hospital.

School Based Alternative Program (SBA)

SBA is designed to serve 6th through 8th grade students with disabilities who are experiencing significant emotional and/or behavioral challenges and who have not demonstrated success in a more inclusive classroom arrangement at their home school.


LEAP is designed to serve students in 1st through 5th grade who are experiencing significant emotional and/or behavioral challenges and who have not been successful in their home school despite numerous and varied interventions. LEAP's mission is to assist students to increase the degree of control they have over their behavior, learn and practice skills and behaviors necessary for success in school (and life), and to facilitate the return of the student to their home school when the student has demonstrated readiness.


NEON provides up to a full day educational experience for middle-school-aged students with disabilities who are experiencing significant emotional and/or behavioral challenges that require a high degree of individualized instruction and support in order for the student to achieve successful school outcomes.


REPLAY stands for Re-directive, Pro-social, Learning Alternative for Youth. REPLAY is a collaborative program between Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) and Dane County Human Services – Neighborhood Intervention Program (NIP) serving 7th, 8th and 9th grade male students who display significant behavior problems in traditional middle or high school environment and who are currently under court supervision.

Replay Referral Form


RESTORE is a voluntary program that, upon successful completion, serves as an alternative to the expulsion process. Restore offers full-day academic and social/emotional programming within a restorative framework. This program includes opportunities for credit attainment and employability skills for high school students.

Next Steps

Next Steps provides services to Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) students with educational disabilities and co-occurring mental health challenges who are in fifth-through-ninth grades. The program provides services with the goal of each student improving their behavioral and academic self-regulation. Program staff members work with the student, parents, and other professionals to identify each student’s strengths, as well as their lagging skills.

Components of the program include a) interventions to promote positive relationships among students and staff members, b) specific direct teaching and practice of emotional, behavioral, social, and academic self-regulation skills, c) individual and small group instruction, d) ongoing individual and group counseling.

All students have the right to acquire academic, social, emotional, and behavioral skills in a safe, structured, and therapeutic environment.  identifying and building each student’s strengths and skills will result in students developing the confidence and skills to successfully participate in their home school. It is critical for students to develop self advocacy skills and implement them across various environments. students need to develop a meaningful set of skills for emotional management, relationship building, and decision making.

These services are provided in collaboration with families, other important individuals in each student’s life, community providers, and other personnel staff members from each student’s home school.

Other Innovative & Alternative Ed Programs

Guide to Alternatives IEP and Allocation information  (Staff Only)